The Seaholm Power Plant was built in two phases, begun in 1950 and finished in 1955. It was dedicated in 1960 to Walter E. Seaholm, who worked 33 years for the City of Austin and Served as Superintendent of Water and Light and as City Manager during his career. As the system got older, the plant stopped generating power by 1989. The last boiler was turned off in July 1992, and the structure sat idle for a number of years. In 1997, the City of Austin was prepared to demolish the power plant, but the structure was saved by a group of friends who wanted to see the property developed. 

The 7.8 acre property’s redevelopment began in April 2005, when Seaholm Power, LLC, was put in charge of the project. The initial proposal was to build a high-rise residential tower, a commercial building, parking garage, and to preserve most of the structure of the existing plant.  Construction began in 2013, and was finished by 2016 with 280 new residences within the tower.


The Seaholm Power Plant site underwent a groundbreaking redevelopment process.