After nine years of cleaning up the Seaholm Power Plant and removing hazardous materials, it became the first facility in the United States to receive a ready for reuse designation from the Environmental Protection Agency. The cost of the cleanup was close to 13 million dollars. The Seaholm Power Plant redevelopment project turned the apartments into condominiums, adding $8 million dollars to the budget. While the building didn’t get completed until 2016, the condominiums were sold out by 2013.

The plant was turned into an office building of four stories, primarily for Athenahealth. Subtenants include software companies Patient IO, Umbel Corp, Able Lending and Fox Media. Trader Joe’s  a tenant in the nearby two-story steel structure, as well as offices for MapMyFitness. The goal is to provide a community atmosphere for tenants both in the residential condominiums and the commercial office space. A large one-acre plaza is open to the public.

Architectural Significance

The redeveloped Seaholm tower incorporates historical aspects of the Power Plant while showcasing modern construction and design.